Dear volunteers,
I hope this message finds you well. I want to keep you updated on RMEF locally. A note on banquets, everything through the end of March is postponed and I have listed an updated schedule below to
help us plan. We have seven chapters rescheduling their 2021 banquets so far and I sent a “Save the Date” email to the local members for these areas. Because so many of you typically have banquets before April, I would encourage you to book your 2022 dates now in planning that next year will be a “normal year”.

We hope to safely hold in-person events later this year and having an event scheduled really helps. I know we have the collective skill-set to organize these in 7 weeks (if needed) because of our experience. I can say that having a banquet at a reduced attendance seems to be a lot more productive than online auctions or “virtual banquets” as a substitution. Last year when things opened back up in June, I worked with four in-person banquets (Aberdeen, MD, Reading, PA Chestertown, MD and Williamsport, PA). Chestertown was very small, but the other banquets averaged 200 attendees and we made $72K for the Elk from them. Williamsport and Reading were rescheduled summer events as they would normally be held in March.

Our 2021 Calf Capture will be June 3 & 4 and I have attached the information. Our Volunteer Rendezvous will be the weekend after Labor Day (Sept. 10-12). That weekend is one of the most popular for PA Elk Range visitation, and you cannot make reservations fast or far enough in advance. Next year’s Rendezvous will be 9/9-11/2022.

The PA state grant proposals were distributed and received back so we will proceed with our usual schedule to fund as many worthy projects as possible. Our PA Project Advisory Committee proposals are in for funding consideration and we have received some great proposals this year from DCNR and PGC.

New this year is that we are changing the finance package into the EMS in hopes that this will make things easier all the way around. You do not need to be proficient with the RMEF EMS to serve well as a chapter finance chair – I promise.

Recently, I have distributed information on our new Event Sponsor Program. If anyone is interested, we would like to try to hold an in-person Sponsor Event for a small group of 10-25 people. The goal would be to raise funds through this program and the logistics would not be that much. Please let me know if you are interested.

In addition to our 2021 online merchandise catalog, we have several firearms available for fundraising. These are and will always be visible online through EMS.


Thank you again for your continued support and I look forward to working with you again! Dave

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