Join/Upgrade your Elk Foundation membership

• Join as a Supporting Member – $35/year.
• Join as a Life Member – $1,500 (payable in quarterly installments)
• Join as a Habitat Partner – $2,500 (payable in annual installments of $500)

Life Memberships are largely tax deductible and include a cap, pin and plaque. The Habitat Partner program can be participated by an individual, group or organization. The minimum contribution for this program is $500/year for five years and there are higher levels of Habitat Partnerships. At the $10,000 level, members are invited to the annual Habitat Council Meeting where they can meet with the Elk Foundation Board of Directors and participate in discussing Elk Foundation funding allocations and general business operations.

Help a local Elk Foundation Chapter

There are many PA Elk Foundation Chapters and each one hosts an annual fundraising banquet. You can help by:

• Donating an item for the fundraising auction.
• Volunteering time on the fundraising committee.
• Help a chapter promote the Elk Foundation at sport shows and public events.
• Attend a local fundraising banquet and bring a friend.

Start an Elk Foundation Chapter

An Elk Foundation chapter can do many things however; the main purpose is to host an annual fundraising banquet so we can accomplish our mission of Working for Wildlife.

Most chapters pick up and put down their volunteer efforts inside of four months. Established chapters have about three or four meetings before their banquet and one social wrap-up meeting afterwards. In many cases, the first meeting of the year is a presentation about Elk Foundation projects conducted by a lead volunteer or the regional director where all local members and friends are invited.

What follows is a short list of job areas with respect to starting and maintaining an Elk Foundation chapter. Please keep in mind that the first year is the one that covers the most ground, i.e. establishing a facility, bank account and ordering merchandise for the first time. After a while much of this goes into maintenance mode. Many chapters keep the same facility and time of year for stability and new chapters plan to have about 110 attendees.

In starting a chapter, it is best to have different people at the following areas:

  1. Tickets – Print, mail and receive banquet tickets from our mailings. Serve as contact for people who order by telephone.
  2. Merchandise – Help order, receive the merchandise from an Elk Foundation catalog, and check it off a list upon arrival.
  3. Chairperson(s) – Oversees entire processes. Serve as the committee contact between the chapter and the regional director.
  4. Arrangements – Arrange for the location, meal and time of banquet.
  5. Checkbook – Write checks and saves receipts.

The Elk Foundation regional director assists and guides the committee through the entire banquet process. In many cases so do other volunteers from other chapters. Everyone on a chapter helps with ticket sales, donations, and works on banquet day.

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