On Friday June 7th in Benezette Township PA, we hosted a Habitat Partner activity that involved attempting to capture elk calves with the PA Game Commission.

PGC Elk Biologist Jeremy Banfield directed the activity and discussed elk management with us. The purpose of this event is to raise funds needed to meet the RMEF mission through the Habitat Partner Program.

Our Calf Capture is an outing which requires adequate physical conditioning and in some cases, searches can be made without finding a calf. Children are welcome but must be able to navigate the habitat terrain and conditions. This is our fifth year conducting this activity and we have sold-out every year. The calf search is part of the ongoing PGC management effort of our elk herd. Each calf is weighed, measured, sexed, and identified so it can provide valuable information. Since 2015 we captured eight elk calves and we hope to capture some again this year. There are no guarantees that we will catch any calves, but we feel confident in our ability to locate them this calving season.

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