Dear Volunteers,

I hope this finds you and your families well. We’ve had a good year overall with our banquets especially when you consider that January through March, we were not allowed to hold them. Many chapters held banquets at a different time of year and at different facilities, while others changed their format by going from a Saturday to a Friday. Some chapters went from a dinner to a lunch
and were successful. I love the creativity here as there are different ways of accomplishing our goals. I’ve always liked the earlier format and getting done with everything at five in the afternoon. We still have one more banquet to go for the year with our Baltimore chapter that starts at noon on a Sunday.

We seem to have a full schedule for 2022 with the sport shows, public events and our banquets. Our state grant applications for next year will again go out for requests in early November and conclude at the end of that month which has been our usual timeline. We’ve had several committee leadership changes this year, more so than other years and I see it as a good thing. Many chapter chairs have been in their roles for several years and some would say many years.

A new chapter chair will experience a learning curve which is expected. Overall, it is good for a committee to rotate this position so more people understand how things work. Many chapters start with a mentoring process for this transition depending on the size of the committee and banquet. The big thing a new chapter chair can do is manage that role by picking our banquet date and facility out a year in advance, provide committee communications, establish the meeting dates and identify goals. Of them all, providing communication to the committee is the most important.

We had a great weekend this year for Volunteer Rendezvous. Our project tour of SGL 321 was spectacular. This RMEF purchase looked fantastic and it involved a surface mine restoration project. It is home to many elk and a hunter harvested a nice bull just before we arrived on the opening day of archery season. Currently we have an estimated elk population of over 1,400!

Event Management System (EMS)

We’re getting better at this as a collective and from a national standpoint; we’re continuing to make improvements for overall ease of use. Any volunteer can request access to this for their chapter and it allows you to review our financials, mailing list, design the invitation letter and emails, order supplies and merchandise plus review the merchandise catalog. The 2022 EMS will be online by the end of October.

Volunteers with EMS access have nearly the same capabilities as I do when it comes to managing our banquet details. I am always happy to share things like what merchandise and guns are available, who is registered online for the banquet and designing the invitations letters. I just want volunteers to know that you can have the same ability. Considering how overall new this system is, I think we’re doing well with it as a group.

New this year is if you do not see you banquet online and have a banquet date, there is a reason why. Chapter chairs and finance chairs need approve their Advisory on the EMS. It is a simple thing and part of this is an acknowledgment that they have reviewed our policies and agree to them.

This was the first year we did not have a merchandise catalog in a hard copy form and it worked out well. We added new merchandise (including fi rearms) throughout the year and there were several substitutions, so having a live electronic catalog served us well.

2022 Mailings: I will set up our mailings in a draft form by using the last letter and ticket options as a new template to save everyone some time. Anyone is also welcome to do the same.

Thank you again for your continued support and I look forward to working with you again!

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